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    About People's Burn Foundation

    Della Wright, a burn survivor in Indianapolis, IN, founded The People’s Burn Foundation after suffering the loss of two of her three children in a 1991 apartment fire. The Foundation is in memory of Della’s children - Nicholas and Mary.

    In 1997, the Foundation was established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization to assist people affected by fire and burn injuries. Programs have continued to expand for support, advocacy, activities, education, training and prevention.


    To foster, support and provide programs for people affected by fire devastation and burn injuries in Indiana; and to promote local and national education, training and prevention programs for families, firefighters and college students.


    "Healing Lives One Brave Heart at a Time"

    Contact Information

    The People's Burn Foundation
    337 Hollister Drive Ste 2H
    Indianapolis IN 46224
    317-803-2876 (Ph)
    317-692-0876 (Fx)